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This site is about Schmuck / Smuk / Smuck names, it was started by Roland Schmuck of Hungary & Rowland Smuck of USA to try to find their roots!

Rowland Schmuck Roland Schmuck
Rowland Smuck Roland Schmuck

If you have any more information about Schmuck / Smuk / Smuck / Sumuk names which is not included on schmuckname.com, don't hesitate to e-mail us. You can find the e-mail address at the bottom of each page.

What is Schmuck? Schmuck is a surname. Of German origin, it means jewel or jewelry. The name is commonly seen on signs and billboards in Germany and Austria related to the merchandising of precious jewelry. The Schmuck family name has been traced to the birth of Christian von Schmuck in 1370. In 1624, an Armorial Patent, or Coat of Arms, was granted at Rattenberg by Archduke Leopold V of Austria.

The oldest mention of the name was Christian Schmuck in 1370 in Schwarzenburg, Erzegebridge (mountain Range between Germany and The Czech Republic) This is where mining of Metals began about 1200-1300. This is about the time when they began to use surnames, previously the people only had first names.  In the early 1400's The name Schmucki appeared about 1427 in Switzerland near Zurich See with Heynerich Schmucki (that is how he spelled it) it looks like they had been there for a long time as they seemed to be wealthy and controlled a big area as headman or leader.  There was also numerous Schmucks in Gottschee a Crown Colony in what is today in Croatia or Slovenia.  The story is that Count of Litchenburg owned the Crown Colony and wanted it settled to prevent the Turks from occupying The land. Several Schmuck families along with about 400 other Germans settled the Area from `1406 to 1944 when they were evicted by the Yugoslavian Partisans.  I think these Schmuck families were from Schwarzenburg, Erzegebridge, Saxony.  There are several definations of Schmuck: A thin man, a Smuggler, a Handsome man, in German it means Jeweler, a possible connection to Jewish people. I Think that Schmook originally was Schmuck, it probably changed due to the fact that most people in those times didn't read and write and whatever they told the priest or preacher or scribe or Census taker was what that name became.  Variations of the name: Schmuck, Smuck Schmauck,Schmucker, Schmucki, Sumuk, Smuk, Shmuck, Samake, Smike, Grosschmuck, Schmoock, Schnuck, Smock, Smack, Cmak.

Notable figures bearing the surname Schmuck:

* Catherina Schmuck, the mother of Gottfried Leibniz, discoverer of the binary numeral system and one of the inventors of calculus
* Christina Schmuck (b. 1944), a West German Olympic luger
* Donald Schmuck (1915-2004), U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General and recipient of the Navy Cross who served in all U.S. military conflicts from World War II to Persian Gulf War
* Marcus Schmuck (1925-2005), Austrian mountaineer who initiated, organized, and led the expedition to climb the world's 12th highest peak, the Broad Peak (8,047 meters) in the Karakoram in Pakistan
* Michal Schmuck (1909-1980), Czechoslovak/Slovak water polo player who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics and in the 1936 Summer Olympics
* Peter Schmuck, American sports columnist, president of Baseball Writers Association of America and a National Baseball Hall of Fame voter
* Roger Schmuck, American college baseball coach and former Major League Baseball player with the Kansas City Royals who held the National Collegiate Athletic Association baseball consecutive games hitting streaks record of 45 games from 1971 to 1981.

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