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Gottsheer Bulletin Board
Lots of interesting stories about Slovenian Schmucks.

Familytree DNA
Genetic test for genealogy.

Genetic genealogy.
The basics of DNA testing, anchestors, the usefulness of Y chromosomes and M-DNS.

Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association
The Slovenian GHGA was founded in 1992 to preserve the culture, history, and genealogical records of Gottscheers and Gottschee (1330-1941).

Family History Library of Salt Lake City
Family History Library of Salt Lake City

Expedition of Markus Schmuck (1957)
The ascent of Broad Peak, the world's twelfth highest mountain in 1957 was one of the most important climbs in the history of climbing on the great peaks. In 1957, a team of four Austrians: Marcus Schmuck, Hermann Buhl, Fritz Wintersteller and Kurt Diemberger made an ascent of Broad peak.

Smuk Family of Norway
Varanger Samis: The Smuk Siida of Varjjatnjarga (in English)

Gottscheer Public Blog
Blog dedicated to the discussion of Gottschee, the former German-speaking region of Slovenia (Kocevje).

DNA Heritage
This tutorial will help you understand how to use DNA in your genealogical research. It's quite long (4 pages) but you'll be an expert by the end of it.

DNA 101: Y-Chromosome Testing
DNA 101 is an attempt to take the extremely complex and confusing subject of Genetics and DNA and simplify it into layman terms. This page addresses DNA only as it applies to Y-Chromosome testing and genealogy. Technical terms are defined in this same context.

Genetic research interviews
There are 8 separate interviews on this page. These are not about Schmuck surname, but the interviews are very interesting how genealogy research helps to find long lost relatives.

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
Bibliography of Leibniz (Germany). His mother was Catharina Schmuck, the daughter of a lawyer and Friedrich Leibniz's third wife.

Lot of things about Petchenegs, a nation from where some Schmucks/Sumuks originate from.

German DNA
DNAresults for the Saxony DNA group.

Find your anchestors' stories.

Traditional German Clothing and Your German Heritage
Learn more about the traditional german clothing and cultural heritage.
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