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Saxony, Germany is the home of the most ancient Schmucks. The oldest dates are 1404 for Schwarzenburg Erzgegrige, it was a Castle Town near to the Czech border. Gruenhain a Monstery Town was a couple of miles north of Schwarzenburg during the 1400s Schmucks were numerous there. Rothnauslitz was a village near to Bautzen Castle an ancient home of the rulers of Saxony, Schmucks start to appear there about 1500.  In the 1600s they spread into Zurich, Switzerland, Alsass, France, Bas Rhein, Schleswig-Holstein & Denmark. The 15th Century was not kind to Germans the Plague, Religous unrest and the 30 years War changed the face of Europe forever.

I found similar surnames: Schmick, Schmook, Schmeuck, Schmike etc.
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